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Grass Valley Slow-Pitch Softball · Litton Field

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Date May 29, 2017

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Umpire - Coed President - Gerry (Gerald) Davenport

Greetings. I am Gerald Martin Davenport, some of you know me as Blue: I umpire Coed Friday nights at Litton field in Grass Valley, California — I used to umpire Wednesday's at Litton. I am also the WNCSSA Coed President since Spring of 2016, but at this time in the game, I feel like an intern, but I am learning and gaining confidence that I will handle any situation with an unbiased point of view — I do not care who you are, I will not favor any decision one way or the other due to a particular person or group. Rules are Rules. Safety, sportsmanship, and the integrity of the game are number one.

I have played on men's and had my own coed team back in the late 90's early 2000's, so I can play, but choose not too as it would interfere with all nights to umpire (I cannot umpire in a league I play in), but if the right team and offer came up, I do know how most of the players hit, and I do pitch.

I created this site to help me keep an eye on the scores I submit, making sure I submit them to the League Secretary, and then posting them here so everyone can see what was posted. This is a fun thing I do; I am Website Designer on my own and I work for Byers Enterprises as their Multimedia Specialist, Website Admin, and Marketing Department, and Byers’ Solar, as well as a Filmmaker.

I love and respect the game of baseball; I am a stats guy; This is kind of like an extension or embellishment of the site, NOT a replacement.

What you will find here are Scores & Score Cards and Standings from D3 Coed, which plays on Friday nights at Litton field, Rules specific to our local USSSA League, and some news highlights from some of the more interesting games.

Please keep in mind that this is for entertainment and informational purposes, and at this time Gerald is the only one creating, adding, and maintaining the content; no other use is implied, intended, or given.

Rules are here to make it fair for everyone — you are all playing under the same requirements that your fellow competitors are: if you get called out for stepping on the plate, they do as well, or if they get tossed due to unsportsmanlike conduct, then so will you.